Who are we?

The Center for Disaster Informatics & Computational Epidemiology (DICE) at Georgia State University

… brings together scientists and practitioners from diverse domains to develop computational methodologies that facilitate research in Public Health, Disaster Mitigation, and Response Planning. DICE will enable translational research that enhances population resilience to the adverse impacts of disasters and diseases using data-driven approaches and computational tools and through meaningful engagement with academic collaborators; government, industry, and non-profit partners; and local communities.

What do we do?

While increasing the level of regional resilience to disasters is paramount, the barriers that limit access to disaster mitigation resources also lead to access disparities in Population Health. Whether determining access disparities that prevent individuals from accessing specific health resources or estimating the risk of exposure to vector-borne diseases, expertise from a multiplicity of scientific domains is required to develop tools that effectively facilitate these efforts. DICE provides the necessary resources for the required collaborations and shall serve as an interface between researchers and practitioners